November 18, 2016 @ York University

Dan Tzotzis

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, AWAKE Chocolate

Corporate finance associate, turned corporate sales associate, turned entrepreneur, Dan Tzotzis, along with his two partners, co-founded AWAKE Chocolate, North America's best tasting energy product. Quitting their corporate gigs in August of 2012 and using their collective 35 years of industry experience, Dan and his partners have transformed AWAKE from a mere idea into a multi-million dollar brand. Available in over 20,000 locations across North America with a focus on College Campus and Grocery distribution, AWAKE has been taking the chocolate and caffeinated product world by storm with their highly innovative, eye-catching product and brand. Dan is a graduate of York University, having completed his BBA in 2002 and his MBA in 2010.

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